About Francesca Brown

Francesca Brown is a fascinating lady with an amazing gift  guided to enlighten and enrich the lives of others with hope and purpose.  Francesca's remarkable story is a testament to the transformations that can occur if you open your eyes and your heart to hope. 
In October 1999, Francesca Brown was diagnosed with ME and was virtually bedridden for two years.  However, in 2001 an Angel appeared to her and helped to heal her illness.  She made a full recovery and Francesca has been in daily contact with the Angels ever since, and she continues to work with them as a conduit to those in need. She lives betweenSpain and Ireland with her wonderful husband Fran and adorable dog Coco, her two beautiful sons Jason and Dwayne reside in their native home, Ireland.
"I went from being a very active person who went power walking regularly, to having extreme fatigue, pains in my legs, muscles and joints, which was eventually diagnosed as ME.  I was confined to bed.  During this time I became aware of bright lights circling my room, and then of spirits walking through my home.  I could see these people, some in Victorian attire, wandering about.  On another occasion I was aware of a beautiful blue angel in a very bright light.  The light was sort of transparent, and the feeling of love and peace which I received was extremely strong.  I felt no fear, and asked, “Why have you come?”  The angel replied, “To make you get better.”  A few days later the angel returned and revealed to me her wings.  This time she seemed brighter than ever.  She said that in order to start getting better I would have to change some of the food I was eating, I would have to eat honey and kiwis, which I really didn’t like.  However, the angel said that I would acquire a taste for these foods.
On another occasion the angel came to tell me to ask my husband Fran to heat some stones I had collected from a beach in Ireland years ago, in sea salted water.   The stones were then placed on the dressing table, and the angel ran her wing over them, covering them in a bright light.  She then told me to put the stones on my chakra points. I had never even heard of chakras, but the angel told her me I would come to understand everything, and placed the stones on various parts of my body.  The angel wing went over my body and the energy that I felt was amazing.  I carried on placing the stones on my body four times a day, sometimes feeling a huge boost of energy and other times feeling nothing.

The process was slow, but gradually I began feeling stronger.  The angel would come two or three times a week, I never knew when she was coming, but I knew I was getting stronger.  One day the angel told me she wanted me to get up and walk.  My husband Fran helped me downstairs and I managed to walk to the gate.  I had been in bed for two years so this was a big feat.  Fran was very skeptical about this talk of angels, but as he saw I was getting better every day he played along, and gradually his belief in the angels also grew.

From that day I became stronger and stronger.  As I became more mobile more angels came into my life.  It was as if I had opened up a part of myself and could now let angels in.  I strongly believe we can all open up our hearts and minds to our guardian angel, who communicates with us all the time.  Having angels in your life is wonderful and they can help in every area of our lives. 

Angels can help us heal and teach us to let go and forgive, be compassionate, they can help our dreams come true, and help us reach our true potentials, making our lives full of joy and love.  

When I felt completely better I learnt how to meditate, which I do every day.  It makes me feel good and positive.  I am a strong believer in living for the moment.  We are all so caught up with making plans for the future that we often miss special moments in life.  Any problem we may have will always have a positive solution, we just have to find it.

Angel Anne told me I must learn how to channel.  I found a healing centre in Ireland in the Yellow Pages and enrolled on a two day course on the human aura.  I had never done anything like this before and was in completely unknown territory, I didn’t understand half the terminology, but found it all fascinating.  When the students were paired up the teacher sat opposite me and they both tried to see each other’s auras.  I was quite worried as around the teacher I had seen a wolf and a huge American Indian.  I waited until the end of the class to tell the teacher what I had seen, only to learn that the teacher was of native American descent, her Grandfather had been born and raised in Alaska.  The teacher told me she had a lovely gift and that she should develop it further. 

Seven years ago Fran and I  moved to Spain.  It seemed as if the air was brighter and more vibrant here and appeared to be the ideal place for me to learn more about channeling.  I have become a regular at the spiritualist centres in the area, especially the Baker Foundation where I regularly do church services, and the Spiritual Awareness Society in Quesada where I give readings.  I give messages via angels from spirits and loved ones who have passed to the other side.   

The angels have taught me how to close down and carry on with a normal life.  I also gives angel readings at my home.  These usually take about an hour, and you are given a CD recording of the session to take home and listen to afterwards.  We go back and forth to Ireland, where I work regularly giving readings and facilitating various courses.
"To all the beings of light who take this journey.  May your Angels be always by your side."
Francesca Brown - An ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift