It is my greatest pleasure to invite and welcome you into the beautiful world of the Angelic realm and to the meaningful, endless, abundant messages that are received and delivered by the Angels.

My name is Francesca Brown.  I am an ordinary, down -to-earth Irish housewife, married with two children, living between Spain and Ireland with my husband Fran and our loving dog Coco. 

I am eternally grateful to all the Angels and to the intervention of the Divine Light for giving me the chance to explore my wondrous journey with the Angels after recovering from an illness in 1999. With the love and support from the Angelic realm I have been fortunate to open up my life to a new way of thinking and living.

We all have the ability to touch and be touched by the Angels, we just need the strength to believe in ourselves and to open our hearts to their guidance.

We are all on individual journeys, if you follow your guidance and believe in yourself while walking the road you will experience a lifetime of happiness and hope.  The angels are always waiting for the call, they are always ready to assist, guide and protect.  You have the power to turn the switch on or off whenever you need it. 

Love and Light,
Francesca Brown.

Francesca is available for workshops, private readings, or evening seminars with the angels.  To contact Francesca, click here.
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